What is this?

Glad you asked! Odd & Ends is a series of tales set in the unusual city of Skymoore, floating above the world of Solkin. It follows the lives of Donovan Allman, who is not what he seems, Nestor Pinkly, who is exactly what he seems, and Karessa Plunderton, who isn’t quite sure who she is yet, as they struggle to keep their humble magic shop alive while battling the literal and figurative demons of their present and their past.

It’s written by Jordan Severns, who can be reached at JordanDSeverns@gmail.com.

The best way to get started is to head over to the Table of Contents. The stories which contain story beats and character development that are vital are bolded. Alternatively, you could spoil everything for yourself and check out the synopsis instead.

New chapters are posted every other Wednesday!