The Twice-Burning Flame, Part Two

With practiced precision, Kyund released a narrow stream of flame in through the small hole in the side of the massive eternice sphere. It spread like a fluid, growing brighter and louder as it steadily filled its container. When it finished, the festival ground was illuminated by the great orange and yellow globe, as beautiful and warm as Sol Himself. Then after only a moment, the fire snuffed out, leaving only grey smoke in its wake.

“Blast!” Kyund swore, stomping his foot. “I don’t understand why this keeps happening.”

“Does this not typically happen?” asked Dovetail.

“No, this doesn’t happen!” the kamenclo snapped. He took a long breath. “The pyromancer before me passed only recently. While I’ve never attempted to fill a vessel of this size before, my flames have never had a problem with eternice in the past.”

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Come One, Come All, Part Three

When Dovetail the automaton left Skymoore to find a precious opal for one of Odd & Ends’ customers, they brought with them two books borrowed from Skymoore’s forbidden library (Flora and Fauna, Real and Imagined, of Solkin’s Colder Climates and Basic Interaction in Modern Civilization for Dummies), the clothes on their back (the shirt, slacks, and smock that they wore to work),  and Tedmund the living frog-shaped coinpurse who carried Dovetail’s savings (which were moderate, giving that Dovetail had only started getting paid recently but that they also had no need for food). They knew the nearest place to find a precious opal would be in the Frostlands and they were certain they could come across the nearest town, purchase one, and return to Skymoore within an hour, maybe two. Continue reading “Come One, Come All, Part Three”

Severance Day

Three-hundred years ago, a man called Pulldrid the Riser lifted a town called Seamoore into the sky using a thing called magic. The town was thereafter called Skymoore. It’s still there to this day and, except for one unicorn, everyone who lives in the floating city is pretty pleased with their elevation. They are so pleased with it that they gave Pulldrid that cool title and honor the event with a holiday called Severance Day. Continue reading “Severance Day”