Come One, Come All, Part Two

Nestor Pinkly loved Odd & Ends almost as much as he loved Dovetail and Regibald (his automaton companions), watermelon pie (his favorite desert), and giving to others who need it (a thing kind people do because it’s the right thing, rich people do because it looks good, and other people do when they’re feeling existential guilt). So of course, with the Heart’s Desire sale on the horizon, Nestor was pouring all of his energy into ensuring it was the greatest shopping event anyone in Skymoore had ever seen.

To that end, he was working tirelessly on acquiring materials and mundane objects for crafting and enchanting for the sale. He had to make sure his magic, self-setting alarm clocks was made from just the right clock, so his customers were getting products that looked great and worked great. He’d been meeting with merchants, flipping through catalogues from the surface, tinkering at home, and refurbishing things he found at one of Skymoore’s many Unwanted Item Storage Basins (colloquially referred to as “dumpsters”). Nestor was in the home stretch for preparations just a few days before the sale, but there was one major acquisition he needed to ensure things went according to plan: Majicite. Continue reading “Come One, Come All, Part Two”

Come One, Come All, Part One

Every room in Skymoore’s Below-Ground Emergency Homes had a painting featuring an approximation of what its view might be like if its occupant were living above-ground and their home hadn’t been destroyed in a terrible accident. Government-appointed art thieves would sneak into the room at specifically scheduled times and replace one painting with another, depicting dawn, morning, sunset, night, etc. The art thieves weren’t nearly as quiet as they thought they were and none of the paintings were especially high quality or effective, but everyone living in a below-ground emergency home had bigger things to worry about, so they pretended that the service was useful, or at the very least, did not vocalize its worthlessness.

Karessa Plunderton was considering filing a complaint, however, when she realized one morning that not only had the expected art heist failed to occur, but the clock in her room had ceased functioning. She had lost track of time pacing the room, reciting lines for an upcoming one-act play that slipped from her mind as soon as she spoke them, until her mother returned from a fruitless job hunt and asked her why she hadn’t started her day. What she thought had been pre-dawn had transformed into early morning while she wasn’t looking.

Naturally the one time Karessa woke up early, she was punished for it. And the day’s inconveniences were only beginning. Continue reading “Come One, Come All, Part One”

Odd & Ends Reopening in January 2020


It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted on this website. The reasons for that aren’t especially interesting or especially known to me, but a lot has happened since then. I started and ended a D&D podcast, got my first full-time job, moved out of my parents’ house, played a lot of video games, and (most relevant to you all) wrote about 70,000 words of new Odd & Ends content.

Now that’s before I’ve edited any of it, so it will likely be less words before they see the light of day, but either way I am sitting on a much bigger backlog of Odd & Ends content than ever before, and I’m very excited to share it with you!

And share it with you I will. We’re back, baby!

The series’ sudden and untimely end has never sat well with me, and the story has been rolling around in my mind ever since. On January 10th, 2020, the stories of Donovan, Karessa, Nestor, and all the others will continue at last, with new chapters on the 10th, 20th, and 30th of each month. The first new arc will seek to re-acclimate everyone into the world and there’s going to be a recap on the site before we resume, but if you’re not caught up it’s probably best to head over to the Table of Contents and fix that.

I’m thrilled to see Skymoore rise once again. I hope to see you all there!

– Jordan

P.S. follow this website AND/OR my twitter AND/OR the Odd & Ends twitter for a reminder when new chapters release!

New Project: Slice and Dice!

So, this is a weird post. I never actually confirmed the fate of Odd & Ends, mostly because it was very hard to come to terms with. I fell out of love with a very difficult project I wrote for free, so I laid it to rest. And yet, I still think of Donovan, Karessa, and Nestor quite often, and have high hopes that it will one day return.

If you’re a new reader and find this post discouraging, I would still encourage you to read Odd & Ends if you’re interested. It was often more episodic than serialized, and I wrote a ton of stuff that I am proud of.

For now, I have a new project, and if you enjoy the strange humor and pleasant world of Solkin, I think there is a good chance you will like this, too.SD Banner

Slice and Dice is a podcast where my friends and I play Dungeons and Dragons. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, think of it like this: it’s an interactive fiction podcast where my friends play the protagonists and I make up the world around them and occasionally try to kill them. It’s funny, it’s cute, and it’s about delivering pizza.

Much like how Odd & Ends is about the life of a hero after he’s done heroing, Slice and Dice is about a world of adventurers but we focus not on them, but on the two cats and a gnome who deliver them pizza while they’re off on quests.

If you’re interested, the website is here and you can find all the ways to listen here.

I hope you like it, and I hope we all go back to Skymoore someday. As always, thank you for reading, and for listening!

The Fountain of Thought

Anika Rosenthal LVIII came from a long line of journalists. The very first Anika Rosenthal was a Grandian reporter who covered the famed commune of the Good King Dundermoat. When Seamoore was founded in its place, Anika Rosenthal II became the founder of The Lighthouse, Seamoore’s first newspaper (which was later demolished in the transition from Seamoore to Skymoore, when city planners mistakenly tore down the newspaper instead of the actual lighthouse). And, save for a few rebellious Anika’s who have been ceremoniously excommunicated for becoming lawyers, soldiers, and musicians, every Anika Rosenthal thereafter has worked for some newspaper or another. Continue reading “The Fountain of Thought”

Eulogy for a Hero

“What about Ciara?” Peter asked, chucking a rock into the pond. It skipped all the way across, and even though it wasn’t a very large pond, we were still impressed. Teysha whooped. I clapped. “What about Ciara?” he asked again, after he’d soaked up all the praise.

Teysha snorted. “I like the fairer sex, but not that fair.” She took a particularly grotesque bite of her roasted duck, a sort of physical punctuation. Continue reading “Eulogy for a Hero”

Update: Another Schedule Change

Okay, I know it’s a bad look when three of the last 5 posts on here are not chapters, but bear with me, new readers.

At least through March, Odd & Ends is going be biweekly. When I started doing this project in August 2016, I was unemployed and just generally didn’t have much going on. Now I’m working, I have a more active social life, and I have some other things going on that take time away from this free web series I write. Putting out approximately 2,000 words I’m proud of every week is a lot of work, and I just haven’t been able to make it happen recently.

So anyway, I promise this is not the coming of the end for this series or anything like that, I just need to readjust here, and hopefully I’ll get back on the weekly road soon enough.

Thanks for understanding!

A Brief Update on the Location of Dovetail

On Nestor Pinkly’s list of the top two-hundred and eighty-six best things ever made, item number sixty-four read “change, good.” The second word was added in eight years after the list’s conception, when it occurred to him that some changes were ultimately unfavorable.

Counted among these unfavorable changes was the sudden absence of Nestor’s automaton creation and friend, Dovetail. They had vanished suddenly days prior, when they set out on a quest to obtain an opal for a customer at Odd & Ends. While he admired their dedication, he did miss them terribly. Continue reading “A Brief Update on the Location of Dovetail”