Nestor the Incomparable, Part One

“And that,” Nestor Pinkly said, “is why friendship and joy are the most valuable resources even in a capitalist economy.”

“I think you misunderstood,” the golem replied. “I said gold is the most important thing to me because my body is actually made of it.”

“That was a lovely speech, though,” the golem’s boyfriend added. “Even if it did last a quarter of an hour. So, thank you for that.”

“My pleasure!” Nestor said, saluting the pair. “I hope you two have a wonderful day.”

“Can we get to the bank now, Nestor?” Karessa Plunderton asked. “People are staring.” Continue reading “Nestor the Incomparable, Part One”

Skymoore’s Seasonal Community Recap for Autumn 1677, Highlights

Hello and howdee doo, citizens of Skymoore! It is I, your illustrious mayor and humanoid potted plant Gendry Dew, here to recount the highlights of this wonderful Autumn as we prepare for the coming winter. It was a fun season, graced as always by love, by the arts, and by the hardworking men, woman, and others of Skymoore who make this blessed city what it is.

Of course, I am legally required to inform you that this pamphlet is compiled from the quarterly Citizen Surveillance Report, where the various government agencies of Skymoore compile all of the private and public information from your lives that we’ve gathered these past ninety days. The CSR helps us understand what makes Skymoore tick, and what we as your benefactors can improve on in the coming season.

Now, without further ado, let’s get highlighting! Continue reading “Skymoore’s Seasonal Community Recap for Autumn 1677, Highlights”

The Storm, Part Three

“I think I’ll stand, actually,” Donovan said. Linda offered a wary, almost parental look as she joined the increasingly-uncomfortable onlookers.

“Very well,” Keel replied. There was a righteousness to his posture that was not often present. Typically Keel seemed the pious sort who might travel from town to town, tending to the sick and praying for the dead, asking nothing in return. Now, he looked as likely to pray for Sol to immolate your impure soul as to shine upon your crops. Continue reading “The Storm, Part Three”

The Storm, Part Two

With Bagel successfully stabilized, the atmosphere of Odd & Ends followed suit.

After some more arguing, complaining, threatening, and more than one person storming out into the storm, rendered invisible by dense precipitation before they made it twenty feet from the shop, the store began to quiet some. Beds were placed, displays were moved, food was arranged, and angry discomfort gave way to bored discomfort. Continue reading “The Storm, Part Two”