A Most Difficult Post to Write

I realize the title of this post sounds a bit like doom and gloom, and that may be unfounded but, well, it may not be.

I figure the best way to write this is to be straightforward.

Since December of last year I have found Odd & Ends very difficult to write. Almost impossible, actually. I have scrapped 5-10 entries since then, whereas before December I had never scrapped any at all. Even as I lay out story beats and figure out where I’m headed with all of this, I just feel utterly disconnected from it. The characters, the world, they don’t feel real to me right now. They feel forced, and it’s killing me.

So is this the end of Odd & Ends?

I hope not.

I’m taking April off to plan, to write, and to think, and I will be back in May with an answer, or with some more stories for all of you. Either way, I will continue to create new things, and if you like Odd & Ends I imagine you will like those, too. Follow me on Twitter for updates on that stuff. I’ll probably post about it here, too.

I’m extremely proud of the work I have done here and I hope to keep doing it well into the future. Fingers crossed for more Skymoore.

Thank you for understanding and for reading,


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