Update: Another Schedule Change

Okay, I know it’s a bad look when three of the last 5 posts on here are not chapters, but bear with me, new readers.

At least through March, Odd & Ends is going be biweekly. When I started doing this project in August 2016, I was unemployed and just generally didn’t have much going on. Now I’m working, I have a more active social life, and I have some other things going on that take time away from this free web series I write. Putting out approximately 2,000 words I’m proud of every week is a lot of work, and I just haven’t been able to make it happen recently.

So anyway, I promise this is not the coming of the end for this series or anything like that, I just need to readjust here, and hopefully I’ll get back on the weekly road soon enough.

Thanks for understanding!

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