Update: Odd & Ends Now Available on Tapas!

We’re selling out!

Only joking, but there have been exciting developments over here at the Jordan Severns Digital Media Studios (or, as it is colloquially known, my bedroom). The fine people at Tapas Media reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to publish Odd & Ends on their site, which hosts a wide array of comics and episodic web fiction, and will allow Odd & Ends to reach a considerably larger audience. Obviously, I said yes.

Tapas cover art, by Vinna Chan.

The series is readable here, although the Tapas app (available on Android and iOS) has additional functionality, such as the ability to unlock more episodes (though I’ve been told that’s planned for the website). And yes, unlocking episodes does cost money, but only a few cents, and you can earn coins by watching ads, too, so you can support Odd & Ends for free!

What does that mean for this site? Not much, actually. New parts (Chapters? Episodes? Stories? I never settled on a name for these things) will be uploaded to Tapas, and then a week later they will be uploaded here as usual. “Recursion, Part Six” is available there now, and next week it will be up here, while part seven is uploaded to Tapas, and so on.

Another way to support Odd & Ends is through the Tapas “tipping” feature, which allows you just tip me directly rather than buying a new episode, and this can be done through the app using the free ad-watching coins. So, if you want to do that, that would be cool (there will be pictures at the bottom of this post to illustrate this stuff)!

I’m just gonna sign off here and say thank you to everyone who has been reading Odd & Ends thus far. You’re my inspiration to keep writing, and you got me to this awesome opportunity. Here’s to many more tales in Skymoore!


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