Update: It’s coming, I promise!

Hey, so I didn’t put up an episode this week, and I probably won’t next week either, but it’s not because I’m being hard on myself this time. In fact, I’m pretty excited about the future of Odd & Ends, and I have a lot of fun ideas for the next few storylines. Some will be funny, some will be less funny, and some will take us away from Skymoore for a bit!

However, I am but a human living in a human body, and that human body has recently been hit with some major sickness. Nothing serious, just annoying, and my writing is suffering a bit. That, and I am building up a buffer. And there’s another, more exciting reason for the delay that I don’t want to talk about yet!

But the end of Recursion will be up relatively soon (two more parts and an epilogue), and after that, we’re gonna go away from Donovan for a bit and focus on some of the side characters.

Lastly, I just want to thank Stable, J. Ander, and Hazel for reading my stuff and keeping me motivated. You guys are cool!

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